April 6, 2011
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In my dreams I paint like Van Gough

Swirling colors creating a mix of night and sun

Starts making small pinpoints of light in the sky blank as one's mind in sleep

Flying, twirling, falling

Thoughts starting but not finishing

Content to simply follow where the dream takes us

Colors on the wind, twisting in the air like ribbons in a storm

Swirling, flying about, being pulled in so many directions

Like our minds when in sleep

Not knowing where to go, thoughts jumbled and mixed all over the place

Thoughts of rainbows turns to chameleons,

Music of thoughts turns to chaos of dreams

Showing us what lies deep in our minds, only to disappear when morning comes

What if we were to access it in our waking day?

If dreams cause such chaos, imagine what our lives would be

Tumultuous atmosphere of thoughts and colors and sounds

A tsunami of sensory overload

In my dreams I pain like Van Gough, I prefer to keep it like that

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