May 4, 2011
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You play the tears and say the “im sorry’s”.
I pronounce my father to everyone as
“the doped up alcoholic chain smoking father”
What memories do I have
What moments have we made
When is the last time I actually wanted to spend time with you
or be around you at the least.?
Whats going through your mind
What feeling goes through your body
We all found the baggy
We all know our past
We all might have benn little but things like what you put our childhood through
Kids don’t forget.
Til this day you deney it all.
You’re a weak man
A scared man
But of what? Of who?
Peer pressure
How old are you
Children cant pick there parents
Part of me would go back in time
Then I wouldn’t
Im happy where im at
Where ive made it to
Most people wouldn’t expect me to be who I am
But I am who I am because I grew up with a father like you
I wouldn’t change a thing.
Because I learn from YOUR mistakes.
Now its your turn

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