Broken Thoughts

March 27, 2011
A door opened,
To show the broken,
That fills what we see,
Our eyes clouding over with lust
And want for something just out of reach,
Whitened sheets crisp and neat,
No one knows how I feel,
A tear is gone singing a song,
And it finally hits the ground,
Another day of summer haze
A tinkling laugh of hope,
Flower shower, raining down,
The ground is muddy with our footsteps,
Eager words ever heard,
You turn around in silence,
Living free alone with me,
Life in harmony,
A bombing blast into the past
And our world is crashing down,
Pain and ends,
Alone again,
A punch upon my brow,
An ice cold eye now,
A love of water cold,
Drowning all alone

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Penfencer said...
Jul. 17, 2011 at 12:56 pm

I think it does make sense, in an abstract sort of way. :D I really like the progression of the poem and the imagery.

Could you check out my stuff and tell me what you think/rate it?

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