March 24, 2011
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Imagine a sky that is the color of every person’s skin
But the world would still see it as blue
Imagine if the sun was a single face of many faces
From every diverse culture and every unique race
Imagine if each cloud was someone’s eye
That would open and close as it passes you by
Imagine that the flowers on earth would only grow
If a person someone never knew they got to know
And these flowers you would only be able to pick
If you gave love to someone that was sick
The birds would sing a song in the trees
For every person in the world that said thank you and please
And every time someone gave a penny to a homeless person
With his faith on a card board sign
A star in the sky might choose to shine
Imagine that same person not being resentful of his deed
If the star suddenly changed its mind
Imagine if shoes magically appeared on swollen feet
For every starving person that was given a bite to eat
Imagine a better world being the only consequence
Of a dreamer’s pure innocence
Imagine a dream that doesn’t have to become true to be free
Imagine a world where we are judged by the color of the skin
That we all see, that we all call blue

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RupaPrasad said...
Apr. 25, 2011 at 1:22 am
WOW!!!! this was beautiful.... i wish this world could get better like the imaginations we have in our heart. you did a fantastic job n believe me even i am feeling quite free after going through it.... wonderful.... keep it up... thanks for sharing
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