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A Poem of Many This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

This is a poem of educated and gifted people,
Of Robert Frost and William Shakespeare,
To Albert Einstein and some unknown,
A sip of Stephen King and H. G. Wells,
Inspiring words of Martin Luther King Jr.

There are some silly sayings from Walt Disney himself,
And stimulating expressions from Buddha,
And who could forget the famous George Washington?

This is also a poem of poems,
Langston Hughes who speaks of his calls to America,
“I, too, am America.” Is what he let us hear,

And Shel Silverstein will rattle you with imagination,
“The place where the sidewalk ends.” Boggles many minds,
And I too, don’t have a clue!

And no, I’m certainly not done yet.
Because Edgar Allan Poe might ask,
“Is all that we see and seem a dream within a dream?”
Because you should turn to him for drama instead of your soap opera.

People spend their whole lifetime figuring out metaphors,
The ones in charming poems,
And many locked up in Emily Dickinson’s pieces,
Filled with figurative language of a little Arctic Flower.

I especially love poetry of nature,
Like “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns,
Speaking of the new June days,
Of the seas wrung dry.

Maya Angelou knows what a woman should be,
She speaks of a beautiful life in “Phenomenal Woman”.
The click of her heals must be relieved,
So she expresses her feelings through art.

If you prefer something dark,
Maybe of madness or hate,
Like “A Poison Tree”,
By William Blake.

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