The Light in the Darkness

March 7, 2011
The darkness of the night surrounds me in a silent black hole,
emotionless as my mind soars the cold, rainy night.
unaware of anything
any light
as I rummage through past lives.
looking for an answer perhaps?
it is unsure
not even a single soul is sure what the light in the Valley of Death's traits are,
if there is a light
or maybe it is just a pit of darkness surrounding a person in death.
but there is a light
in my head perhaps?
in the darkness.
what is it?
why is it so close?
what is it?
a firefly?
that can't be it,
but it looks so much like one
I reach out to touch it,
and as I reach the darkness becomes darker
I can feel Death breathing on the back of my neck.
the farther I reach, the closer Death comes.
I feel the end very near,
as I hold the light on my palm,
and as I enclose my hand around the light,
I die.
until a flash of lightning brings me back to life, and out of the darkness.

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