Imaginative State

February 27, 2011
Your beauty radiates across the skies
So gentle during dawn of starlight
When vast colors race to stretch over mountain peaks mile high,
I cannot conceive comparative connection of your eyes,
That gleam to I so deeply bright.

I imagine so that even if I was to witness thee
in dim moonlight,
It would be your energetic soul that gives me
and my path light! Even in darkness spite.

So show me your eyes once more
And in looking in them I shall truly adore.
For this autumn may be a door
of changing leaves into gold colour,
So from now on I will forever forbear
That thought that they change because your
Beauty is magnificent and always same.

Oh lovely sweet girl! Fear not!
A moment of life as we’re taught.
For a love of you forever, let it always
Comfort thee
And sleep safe you ought.

And with beauty,
the birds chirp a soft loving melody
For they have come down from the sky
To see what beauty has caught their eye.
For they have seen thee from sky’s heights.

Finding lovely in this world is maddening
And often in disappointment come with saddening
But with you sweet soft girl!
The lovely is lavishing!

And every aspect of my sense comes awake
Even now as I dream of you so heavy-eyed and late
So do not me forsake-
For I adore thee at any high stake.
And in your beauty I am illusive and held awake
For you enchant and fascinate my sense to take
An imaginative state.

Oct. 14 2010

Fervent I am marked by this joyfulness of feelings.
Never have I seen such beauty in form of peeling
the day down to the starlight and time for sleeping
of the doves to love you and wonder forever-
For they have never seen beauty and felt healing.

As daylight grows
A vast red of dawn shows
And the autumn breeze that caresses the
leaves of changing shades knows-
of your beauty, and they
change shades to fall at your moonlit majesty.

At someday at the gleam
of midnight a pure beam
Of holy light will forever caress thee
and forever take away your warmth and I’ll be
Left alone in so many shapes without any to see.
So until then I will smile by the day-
and move state
So to enjoy your lovely at my own sake,
I’ll be in love with your beauty every day.

Uplifting as any could be
The colors swirl and surround me
with warm electrifying sensations running
So fast through my body just to excite
And deeply with hearts in-twine.
For this!
Is the rare sensation to imagination
that I fall in when you whisper your love to me
from your lips that taste of sweet honey and a soft grape
delicious do your lips sway.
Let me see how you react to the lush of melting strawberries
the potion you have kissed into me-
Through the fruits, of your saliva sink.
These wrap around your tongue like bees making honey
And gather nectar around you! For you are a pretty rose pink!
I’d love to behold this taste once more,
so many chances for us to take and feelings to create
and fall deeper
into my lovely imaginative state.
Oct. 15-16 2010

Your beauty has took hold of me
Oh how long I can stay in wonder-
Of something or anything so beauty
Is worth so many hours of my relaxed ponder.

Yet sadly… I feel a bit unworthy
To have been in the enchanting presence of thee.
Speak to me how it’s okay for a relief to me
With every beauty there is a messy reality
So please…. Take this
Imaginative state with me.

With every tiny beauty life is so satisfying
And a place where there is less blinking
For this is the place of your beauty to be in your sinking
And lovely let it take hold of you! And it’s safe
For your beauty needs no keeping.
And here in my heart never be caged…
For your eyes are a wild beauty!
And your hair sways
As gentle as the wind can pace,
I love watching it reflect from the sun’s warm embrace.

Is there a crazed reason why
Such beauty of yours is kept to deny…
Why not flying through the fuzzy blue sky?!
Living in trees and living in the chilled breeze?
To live as a bee.
To live as an angel to fly.

Staying today under two autumn-changed brilliant trees
And as I lay, I think to myself and say-
To her how
“the changing leaves that are an intriguing yellow
Fall as the weather begins- chilling.
I stare at you.
A deep moment of soul encounter, softer, and sounder.
This is how I feel, when I dream of your wild beauty
Do you see?”

I cannot stop from daze
For I’m lost in you, a maze.
And in the mist of silvering
My love for you is seeing
There is not a way to keep you off my mind
But why should I?
When with you I wish to be for all time.
Lost in you I take
I’m off-time in this imaginative state.

Oct. 17 2010
It’s significant the way you fall asleep
Your hair waves so to gleam beauty it’s keep.
And it’s significant the time you allot me to trust
For patience with me in my hurt life is a must
And in my mind I see lovely images of your bust
But when we dwell in the same house but not the same room
It leads me to rust
For you lead my body to lust and when I stare and try to describe
Your wonder I’m only scratching at the crust
So stay for hours without disturbance and just feel joyful feelings
At just seeing every detail- lovely you were created to be
From your radiant starlight eyes to your olive skin alive!
Is a must.
I love thee truly
In any dreams take
And love you forever
Even when I cannot wake…..
From my Imaginative State.

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sapphirerain14 said...
Mar. 22, 2011 at 8:13 pm
I Love YOU! You are truly amazing!! I am always so enthralled by your incredible poetry :)
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