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Partial Dissection-The One You Don't Remember

Something about how your eyes

Always pierce through and criticize,

Something I should recognize by now.

Feeling your embrace,

Oh, the way I thought you could make my heart race.

Adoration pours out like a river,

Trailing little besitos over your neck.

It’s lovely to hear the expressions,

See and feel and know that righteous suppression

Of imprisonment.

Wanting to vanish, everyday confusion grows more and more,

Heart trying to sing.

Drawn like a snake hearing music for the first time,

Scared because,

You are eating another fruit before its prime.

I am a snake hungry after devouring its eagle,

Throwing away reason for survival.

I can’t fly away anymore.

Foamy waves consume your albatross

Whilst I writhe in the desert sand,

Trying to stop the sound of the eagle’s heart in my head,

You’re a righteous Fury,

Claiming retribution

From gods you read about.

They don’t answer.

You pretend you’re still waiting

For an answer

And celebrate the glorious wait

By waltzing until we all meet the same red fate.

Conflicted, but now I recognize

The pains of underdevelopment,

Eloquent contradictions we defend with feelings

Confusing truth with reality.

Those you are much too polite to understand,

Willing and caring, but not strong enough to stand,

Analyzing and adding to your encyclopedia of human reactions,

Collection of rotting skins in your closet that you take care of so tenderly.

A look for exits, clearly seen,

But nowhere to go,

I can’t run from here,

The only home I’ve ever known.

It was here I confused truth with reality.


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