February 17, 2011
Pull the trigger
The bullets coming fast

Memories flash through my head
As i stumble back

I'm tired of living this pain
I just want out

This feeling of loneliness
Filled Will Doubt

My time has come
I'm about to be freed

I hear the whistling of the bullet
Closing in on me

I take one last breath
I'm ready now

It pierces through my chest
As I fall to the ground

I wait for the feeling of numbness to take over me

But instead all i feel is a throbbing pain
I'm laying in a pool of my own blood

I can't help but scream
Where is my freedom, my happiness

I've just ended up in a big mess
This was supposed to be my solution
To End All This

But Now,
I'm just laying here

Unable to move
Just Hoping

That I wont be found soon

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