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Dreams Corrupted

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Dreams dark as secrets buried in the mind
Light as butter melted on sweets
These thoughts filled her subconscious
Crept into her
Blood and her bone
With pleasantries rolled too smoothly off the tongue

It corroded her memories
Altered her truths
Lies blended so fine into fact that she couldn’t
No, didn’t know the difference
and so the drifting thoughts raced
and sputtered and spat out
the vulnerable pieces
of hope and despair
of love and hate
of remorse and regret
of the hopeless reality of normality
that choked her. Iron weights strangled
the melancholy prisoner until all she could do was bury it deep within herself, throw away the key
and lock her heart
under steel beams enforced by desperation. She fled from herself, not one look back. Made a monster to escape reality and hid from it.
tucked away

Out of sight out of mind they said to her.
So she clung to that phrase
Sobbed the words out by the lone flame
And she stared into Fire. Fire of love
And healing
And renewal
And peace
And she hoped, for once.
It watched from the rafters
Held its bloody breath
Would it lose its prey so soon?
But Fire would not touch her
And It sighed the sigh of relief
It waited, took her piece by piece
Let her worry, sweat soaked with fear
And so the fever came with delirium.
And It corrupted her completely
Drove her mad; couldn’t take it
And It smiled with relish in the night
And came upon her in the shadows
Ragged hair hiding her face.
Remarkably, unscarred through years of
Black, once green pupils never caught the light
never sparkled, so
grim, her fate.
So consumed by hurt
Consumed she was
It stole her soul so
silently in the night
that no one
not even one
knew because
Nobody cared enough.
But she felt It
And she cried out into the night
But the night did not answer
Did not answer the fear,
Did not answer she who was completely
Utterly broken.
And it destroyed her
And the night watched
And It sang.
Fire of warmth
Gave none of its love
To her. Never once.
Never more. Never
Again. Fire
Denied and
Hurt. Rejected
The purpose of its
Existence. Ignored
millions of years
Of evolution
So it was corrupted too.
With love of pain
Not pain of love
Corrupted they were
Humanity lost. Lost
To the shadows of the fringe
Of what we should never have

Screams of life plead
Cry and hurt
Humanity slipping. Slips.
And is gone. Away, can’t bear
The weight of our own souls
No longer. Far, far
Away. So far that we are left.
Left and transformed into something
truly terrible.

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