Where I'm From

January 24, 2011
By krisssss PLATINUM, Nyack, New York
krisssss PLATINUM, Nyack, New York
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I’m from forever after sunlight,
Apple orchard trees,
Succulent first love kisses.
When waves hit the sand, majesty caresses my island,
And little drops of ecstasy
Crawl down my cheek.

I’m from ancient whaler’s towns
And wives tales.
From ghost stories of last time good-byes.
Cobblestone roads dance under your feet
As you walk on 1752 gold.

Here, I live with the pirates in nightly adventures…
We steal the beaches in our prayers.
We dive and dip and do as we please
Like a teenager without a conscious.

Where I’m from the starfish return from hide-and-go-seek,
The mermaids know the best spots.
The whales start crying,
Their tears healthy poison,
Evaporating into the moonlight so shyly.

I’m from blinding light, whose confidence is so rare,
As we only have her for seconds.
We sit under the lighthouse,
Her silent song sings…
The lyrics so insecure, so brilliant.

I’m from days without sun block and nights gorging ice-cream,
Six strings disturbing the clams.
Salt water taffy tingles your tongue
And the sweet, seductive texture rattles your skin.

I’m from fried lobster, pastel shirts,
And neon rain boots for when the island cries.
I’m from nature’s contortions from Atlantic hurricanes,
Embedding their strength into my beaches.

I’m from dreaming with the clouds
On sweet Egyptian cotton
As the ocean rolls me to sleep.

I’m from seasons not changing
And beauty being born in the waves.
The air is so fresh, with salt in the wind,
Sometimes I don’t need to breathe at all.

I’m from chocolate chip cookies
Smelling up the whole town.
My aunt’s love is dropped into each warm bite…
Comfort never felt so inviting.

I’m from mermaid purses and horse shoe crabs,
Clam pearl’s and oyster bays.
Where you nestle your finger a few inches into the beach
And you discover a hidden treasure each time.

I learn my security, here on the island.
To breathe every breath as my last.
I learn home is fresh summer salads,
Dresses drying in the wind,
And long walks on stolen beach paths.

I’m from night fall that’s brisk,
Like a winter’s eve.
As the wool scarf combines with my skin,
I sit in the sand catching snowflakes.

I’m from the lovely beach town
In the middle of the ocean.
Infinite stories about past fisherman’s dreams
And catastrophe’s dancing in the waves.

I’m from love without heartbreak
And learning with no books.
I’m from dancing without any feet.
I live with the stars in magical bonfires,
And my veins, I swear, turn bright pink.

I’m from a beautiful god-mother,
Whose laugh is pure diamond
As it lurks through your entire corps.
Her presence so inviting, so welcoming,
So soothing.
I share my island with her in our old whaling house.

Nantucket strikes me, day bye day,
Even when I’m not there.
The memories are always so pure and fresh in my mind.
I am Nantucket.

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