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my dream prince

I've always searched the roads
for the prince that would rescue me from loneliness
gallantly riding his stallion with his charming smile,
ready to bestow his love for me.
I never thought that when I stopped searching,
you would walk in my life,
with your mesmerizing smile,
and your changing green eyes that remind me of the unpredictable sea.
You made me smile, and I always wondered when I would see you again.
I smile when your arms would enclose me, protecting me from the world.
I felt safe with you.
You thwarted danger when I could not,
and loved me with passion you could only experience.
You not only showered me with your love, you made sure your heart was mine.
Now when I search the roads,
I look for the future,
the future I will have with you.
I don't need to search for that dream prince anymore,
because your the man who made my dream everything and more.

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