Surrender To the Deep

January 13, 2011
The demolished debris of your breakdown,
Is strewn all across the floor.
A life helplessly broken and irreparable,
The shards of glass lay scattered in the darkness,
The muffled light of the moon streaming in through the window,
Reveals the tiny slivers embedded into the floorboards.
You can't get them out.

Your sanity cracking like the shattered vase,
That your mother glued back together in vain,
The seams tearing apart,
Tiny fractures and fissures cover the fragile vessel,
Now a distorted version of its former glory,
The hollow center aching with unexplainable grief.

There is nothing I can say,
There is nothing I do,
All the king's horses, and all the king's men,
Could never begin to fix this.

Time no longer has any meaning,
It passes unnoticed, unimportant,
The day gives way to the darkness of the night,
Over and over, seamlessly melting together,
All in one mushy picture of endless agony.
You sit and stare, not bothering to notice the seasons change,
Cars speed by,
You see nothing,
Birds sing their melody,
You hear nothing.

You're drowning in the dark waters that have enveloped you,
Can't tell which way is up or down,
The waves are pounding you senseless,
Like a frail rag doll,
Pushing you to sound the alarm,
But you've lost the will to fight this raging storm,
Letting the waters drag you down,
Deeper, deeper.

There is no sky,
There is no sound,
There is no one.
No bottom to this deep dark pit,
You find peace in the submission,
At rest in the surrender.

There was nothing I could have said,
There was nothing I could have done for you,
You were swept into the deep,
Lost somewhere in a dark, and twisted fate.

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