i tried

December 27, 2010
i tried

so many things have i tried

to do with no help

but everyone of them

just ends in failure

i tried to hold on

to what seemed like a good life

but so many times i failed

at trying to let it go

at that some may think

that it was a good fail

cuz im still here today

but i still try and fail

and today i figured i would

i try to tell you the truth

i did but i failed at believing

believing that maybe

you would feel the same

i tried to wait

but i failed by pushing you

now i tried to get to know

the one who i saw everyday

now i realize i will never know

more than i do now

cuz i failed at trying

i failed you

i failed everyone

i fail at trying to do

what everyone can do

with their eyes closed

i want to know more

but u keep it secret

i want to know what makes you

who you are today

but u never will say

and that i can respect

but i hope that one day

u will say

i want you to know

and when you do i will

be there to listen

and i will not fail you next time

i hope you will

give me one more chance to prove

that i can be the one you want

i hope that i can have the chance

to call you mine

i hope i will have the chance

to one day not fail

but succeed

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