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The too-wide river goes by, goes by, and the world goes up the too-high mountain; without us.
What a treasure we could have had, and have had. Whose fruit is it now?
The sun shined so sweetly, and rested even sweeter on us.
See that bird down here beside you, how wonderful it would be to be free like him, but how terrible never to sleep still. How wonderful this part of life was.

So many questions and no right answers. How many can our hearts bear until they break us?
How similar you two are, and yet, so different.
The river goes by, goes by, and the wind tries to pull me along;
To match up with its rhythm; but I’m not so sure anymore.

Find me someone who’ll charm me like you do, and I’ll buy the perfect bride for you.
Only, don’t forget.

Like a shark thrashing on the sand, and as pitiful as a hibiscus withering without her sun,
Each pays his own price. You would
Rather forget than to remember.
It hurts.

The river goes by, goes by, and I can’t find you anywhere.
No guarantees! We don’t live in a time of cholera; you won’t keep your promise as neither will I.
Christine, is this how you felt, so treacherous? Helen, the agony? How draining truth is. How lucky to be you two; terrible survivors.

How beautiful and yet, how ugly we seem. How vulnerable we are…why?
Is this how it must end, though it never can? Since when has anybody erased a memory?
We lied to each other.

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