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I'll Love You Forever

I’ll love you forever
Because I love you so much.
I hear us together
Listening as our hearts touch.
You. Me. Always.
Loving until the end,
Going separate pathways,
But rejoining at the bend.
I’ve never been so joyous
Or quite, quite so sad.
But when you’re here, that’s all I need,
And I don’t hurt so bad.
You’re the shoulder to my weariness
And the rain to my drought;
You’re the cure to my moodiness;
The only one I would not live without.
All the beautiful things I have
Melt like ice through my grasp;
A perfect, hated reality, marred by our clasp.
So I guess there are challenges even here,
Mysteries we’ll never solve.
But for now this is just the beginning,
Forever this is just the enlightening.

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