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Ode to Some Random Vulture This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

How small you seem, so high in the sky
Few note the grace with which you pace the airs,
Seeking souls’ emptied bodies nearby.
Why do so many despise you, you swoop down like a Beware! Sign,
They loathe how you eat, frightened that you won’t retreat ;
they are the ones who avoid your piercing gaze,
A sign you are victor in so many ways.
Why do they not see the Life-Giver inside you?,
Your unique function as ferryman across Gaea’s greatness
Putting carcasses to rest where they began.
You bear life so weightlessly on your wings,
And continue to feast, ripping and pecking un-alive things,
Yet so beautifully playing along the orchestra of the Earth
Recycling lifeless musicians

To form the breath of new singers
Regenerated from Elysium.

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