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He’s playing this game, and I’m forced to play, indebted that I am.
Choices, no choices, no matter what I do.
Only Duty plays an unfair card. Can you see that I’m trying so hard not to lose here?
I can’t follow my heart. Ha, all my life everyone always said “follow your heart”, except for now.
I grew up believing in love above all things.
What a fool I am.
Fear. Anger. Sadness. Heartbreak. Nothing.
We survive.
Advertisements for sale everywhere.
Maybe I’ll stop by. Maybe not.
“Cut my heart out and there’ll be no more pain, no more problems, no more feelings!”
Hakuna Matata!
You saved my life once.
Dreamers, that’s what we are, what we’ve always been.
I’ve dreaded this day, when dreaming ends. Have you?
No point to play this game, now I only play to let him win. He has to.
And it’s all my fault.
I blossomed; finally felt the joy you only read about in good books, old stories unremembered.
I blossomed into a flower no one recognizes or appreciates.
What’s a flower to do?
I’ll close my petals for you.
Ha, the irony! I’m so sick of it. I’m so sick of it all.
Why do we wake up from dreaming?
Can they ever come true?
No choices, no matter what I do. All these unfair cards.
I’m tired of debt-love. I hope love is tired of me.
It’s either sacrifice or pay a larger price.
I’m running out of money.
I’m so sick of money, money, money, money, money, money…
I can’t afford to buy my freedom.
I’ll sacrifice my heart for you.
May God have mercy on my soul.

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