December 2, 2010
By Kyle Bowler BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Kyle Bowler BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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AloneThey cannot see.Each, blind, Blinded by themselves,All made blind by desires,Desires so dark all light is lost.They cannot feel.Bodies numbed by their cold, And souls as black as sin,Filled with sin, Surrounded by sin. They cannot hear.Screams everywhere, lost to the darkness.They don’t listen,Don’t care.I scream, none of them hear me.I reach out to them, none feel my touch.They look me in the eyes, but they don’t see me.  Do they know?Does anyone understand?We are the same, but different in every wayThey are everywhere I am,Yet nowhere near me.I am alone.It is an island,And I am its sole inhabitant.6 billion people here,I am the only one.

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