take it slow

November 17, 2010
By Bebekidz GOLD, Springfield, Massachusetts
Bebekidz GOLD, Springfield, Massachusetts
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As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.~shakespear

Just because i fell for you doesn't mean i don't know how to stand back up again.~ME

the ability to write and create words is my passion

to make a smile is my mission

to make it happen in any fashion

a picture of happiness is my vision

to melt and warm a frozen heart

that was my goal from the start

to be able to gift you

please you

to be abe to make your dreams come true

I'm trying 2 be a gentleman

one able 2 live up 2 the definition

able to give you what your missing

ain't no need to speed

or you will be unable to see

just exactly who i am

i know i still ain't a man

not a fully grown

but there is a world 2 be shown

i wanna be the best you've known

so let's go on and take our time

because it takes time for a star 2 shine

the longer it takes 2 create

It'll be the one to fully satiate

so let's go on and take it slow

there is no need to rush the flow

so let's take one step at a time

and you'll soon find

that you will be mine

4 as long as our hearts are combined

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