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November 9, 2010
By , vancouver, WA
I never thought I’d remember,
I never thought I’d see this place again.
The guardian birds are still the protectors,
The portal is still the tree of life.
The enemy still tries to kill us,
So far we succeed.

That year was bad,
Mommy was crying,
Daddy was fighting,
And I was running.
My daddy got drunk,
Beat my mom until she passed out,
He turned to me and raised his hand,
I bolted for the door defending myself.
I ran outside,
Into the chilly autumn night.
Running barefoot on the asphalt,
As the breeze took me farther and farther away,
I ran passed the house,
The streets,
And the cars
Until I reached my destination,
The tree of life, of birth, of magic
That was held within.

Too tired to climb,
I sat in the shadows,
Perched against the roots,
Slowly my mind began to notice,
The faint whispering in the background,
Suddenly it stopped.
I was alone once more
Or so I thought
For I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I was too tired to fight,
So I let the presence lead the way,
I thought it was leading me home,
But as I opened my eyes,
I was very surprised,
For this felt like a dream,
A dream come true.
The presence disappeared,
Leaving me alone.

The birds, the grass, the sky,
They were all alive,
Breathing, living, dreaming as one.
I look at the sky,
The sun was setting,
The sky was orange with bubble like circles,
Flying above me were the guardian birds,
They looked at me with curiosity,
Was I a friend or foe?
They sensed my soul
And came down at once
I was a friend they said,
And they have brought me here.
They saw my life
So they gave me an opportunity.
All of the sudden there was blackness around me,
And the bird’s whispered
“Dawn is approaching” one said,
“Come only at night” the second one finished,
Before the last cry of the birds,
I felt the cold hard tree bark against me.
And I was back in the reality.
Every night I went to visit,
My mysterious land,
For I felt a connection
It was calling me home.
I learned that my tree was a portal,
And miraculously I opened it up.
The souls that were trapped
While the gate did not open
They gave up and now can’t go back.
The guardians of the realm,
Have told me, I could stay
That I could free the souls
And they would help me.
I would be known as the eternal flame
For I helped the weak
And the lost to escape.
No matter how tough a situation I never gave up.

I didn’t know
If I should stay in my heaven
Or go back to my hell.
The final day of my reality,
I walked through the gate,
And on a tree branch sat myself,
At a younger age,
A happy time that I always remembered
To escape my pain.
My thoughts were interrupted by a gun shot
I swirled around to look at my body
Still stuck in reality
Its hand was clutched against its chest,
It’s bleeding heart dying.
The last breath was took and the body fell over.
Dead for it was shot in the heart.
As the last rays of sunlight hit the tree,
My memories fade slowly away
Because it is the end for them.
It’s been 3 years now,
And everyday is a new adventure
More of my help is in need,
And more souls to guide to the light,
For I am now a legend,
That will live forever,
The everlasting flame.

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