October 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Don't lose it, Vi.
Walk out there in your high heeled boots and make it or break it;
strut down those dirty hallways.
Don't just walk, Vi.
Strut, and dazzle while you do it.
Light up that space.
Don't lose it now, Violet.
Come back and blast them all with your shimmer and your shine.
Come on, you've done it before.
You've always done it.
You do it now.
Do it, Vi.
It's not safe to be the way you are.
It's not safe to glisten as hard as the stars and to be HER, THAT VIOLET CHICK WITH THE FUNKY HAIR AND THE WEIRD ATTITUDE.
(You can hear them say it as you go down the hall, and you frown, but we smile because you ARE that Violet chick and we're proud of it.)
But you need to do it, Vi, because we need someone out there who's being what we want to be and who's tossing them all down on their backs with her glamor and gut.
Knock 'em dead, Violet-girl.
Because no one else can,
but somebody's got to.

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