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Being a Girl

It's tough being a girl, ya know?
We have to be
and witty,
and charming,
and elegant,
and cute,
and flirty,
and sexy,
but not too sexy or you'll be labeled as a slut.
Dress right,
look right,
make sure your jeans don't fit too tight,
be sure your hair is always okay,
no fly-aways,
Know how to
make friends,
talk to boys,
where to sit at lunch,
stay calm in a tough situation.
Don't cry in front of the bully.
Know how to be
in just the right way.
wear the same outfit,
date your friend's ex,
start a rumor,
tell a lie,
or else she'll spit in your eye.
All the pressure,
the be perfect,
do you think it's really worth it?
They make it seem like we have to be
and have perfect hair,
and tiny feet,
and smile constantly.
We have to
shave our legs,
and underarms,
and have clear skin,
and wear make-up,
but make it look like you're not wearing any.
We pretend like heels
don't hurt,
and periods aren't
just "3-5 days" of
cramps, and bloating,
and irritability.
We pretend
boys are easy to figure out,
and being "perfect" is an everyday thing.
But in reality,
we're not perfect.
We're only human,
but that's more than enough.

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