Young Friend

October 13, 2010
I thought I was generous, Also kind.
I guess I’ve always been,
Out of my mind.

Something less than perfect,
I’ve never been that.
Trying to grab attention,
No I’ve never done that.

I try and keep you comfort,
Make sure everything is ok.
Expect you tend to forget about me,
When the world comes my way.

Nothing is ever right by you,
But nothing tends to be wrong with me.
I’ve cried my eyes out all night,
And you’ll never see.

All the things you go through
Equal out to the same amount as me.
You’d never look at it that way,
Since it’s always about helping you be,

The best!
At whatever it might be.

You might never realize this poem is about you.
For the fact,
Why would you even take the time to look at something I’ve done?

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