October 10, 2010
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I am addicted
And thrown down,
With what little life
Such awful sounds
My body numb
And my hands cold
Laying abrupt
As the trees get old

It is Fall and I am starved
I am fragile, weak at best
Where am I?
Perhaps luckier than the rest
With one emotion turned in,
This complex puzzle subsides
It’s becoming clearer
The answer, one I despise

It’s time now, it’s time
For I’m sure of one and only thing
I stand up, steady
The birds begin to sing
I go to take a step, advancing in my will
I fall.
I fall hard
But I gave it my all

And so I lay, I lay among the multi-colored leaves
On the damp cool grass, I lay
My body, done
My mind astray
For what I was sure
Is no longer to be
My new world ahead
So close I can almost see

I’m tired-
The fight is over
Nobody has won
In fact, it is all one blur
It’s getting harder to breathe now,
Weaker my breaths are faint,
Sore – sore
And I have you, to thank

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