Confessions of Frustration

October 6, 2010
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Bust a chair against the wall
Scream into a pillow
Embracing my own downfall
Needing the peace of a willow

Pulsing in my veins
Anger boils to the surface
All the empty pains
Come up and have a purpose

To enrage my whole self
Into a fit of violent passion, no control
All I want is good health
Not this reining of irration

Feelings that burst ,
With every tick of the clock
I begin to feel worse
Turning into a kaleidoscope firework

Mixed up with all the emotion
Of life’s rollercoaster
I keep going through the motions
Don’t feel any closer

To my goal, my dream
The ideas I get
Never really seem
To stay in my mind, set

I’m stuck in this vortex
With all this melancholy
If you could just forget
All my folly

My negativity, no focus
To accomplish what I need to
Yet all the ruckus
Leaves me panging for the truth

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