September 21, 2010
By Anonymous

When I look at that family photo,
I feel like I'm in a bittersweet heaven.
Their smiling faces,
and happy thoughts,
makes me both sad, and happy.
I then move on,
and look at the next photo.
This one's my father,
in his black tux,
and long dirty blond hair.
That's the guy,
who was supposed to be there.
The guy that,
was supposed to be "daddy."
But he ignored my silent cries,
he left me to spread my blood and tears,
onto cheap dollar store paper,
while he drank his life away,
and forgot I even existed.
He left me,
to stare at this slideshow,
hour after hour,
and feel my heart,
be pushed through the shredder.

The author's comments:
Another broken family.

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