Rages of a Psychopath

August 14, 2010
By Anonymous

What is this storm..

That's having me conform..
Putting me through this reform..
My mind beginning to transform..
As I try to deform..

Like a kamikaze..
Everything is just so hazy..
That makes me so lazy..
It whips and it lashes in its frenzy..
Constant flashes though I'm no pansy..

But I'm tired of the hate and pain..
However that's the fate of the games if you want to gain..
Though way too hard on this heart you will maim..

Unforgiving, this icy blast..
That is so vast..
I am outclassed..
In every way, though this will be the last..

You think I am fine..
But all you're doing is dining on a part of my mind..
Eating away my soul, tearing me to tiny pieces..
As you stand there and feast

Only a illusion..
In the act of a delusion..
My thoughts are those of confusion..
Dropping me right into exclusion..

Wounds starting to seep..
As you continue to creep..
Into the dark of my heart..
Light shines unless we part..

These words flow through..
Only hoping to give you a clue..
For you to know how i feel..
Before i kneel..

Making me..

Trying to make me assimilate..
Watch me start to hesitate and feel violated..
Though I'm just way too busy to hyperventilate..
As they watch only to jubilate..

Sliver of a fracture..
Behold a new rapture..
Is setting in..
Where all things will end..

I wished, I waited..
but I guess it wasn't fated..
I tried with every oz..
But you never once pounced..

For this heart beat of mine....

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