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We Two Go to New York City

A little romantic excursion
That we’ve planned for a month,
We two.
The Big Apple is beautiful,
We agree,
We two,
But the question is perpetually
On our minds:
Is it big enough
To hold our love?
Through Central Park we stroll,
We two,
Hands intertwined like crisscrossed spaghetti,
Tandem smiles glowing like Chinatown’s lanterns.
In a Broadway theatre we sit,
We two,
My arm around you,
Sharing the beautiful moments,
We two,
Experiencing the laughter and tears
And beauty
In perfect unison
And necking a little bit when it gets boring.
Sharing a hot dog,
We smile at each other,
We two,
Over the ketchup and onions
And processed meat,
And we share a mustardy kiss.
And we marvel at Times Square,
We two,
Two ants in a vast, flashing universe,
And smile at each other,
And think of how the lights
From the advertisements
Complement the strongest light of all:
That of the love
We share,
We two.
And then we are run over
By a horse-drawn carriage
And fall down a manhole,
We two.

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