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We Two Go Hiking

We strayed from the path,
We two,
And hand in hand pushed through the brush,
Spreading the plants aside
Like butter onto bread,
And we came to the mountain,
We two,
And it loomed before us
Like a sleeping giant
And we decided to climb it,
We two.
We bravely scaled its rocky face together,
Helping the other up the ledges and boulders,
Exploring new lands,
We two.
The top was a distance away
And our strength was ebbing,
But nothing could defeat us,
And we gritted our teeth
And linked out arms
And together scrambled upward,
We two.
Together we pulled ourselves
To the top,
We two,
Victorious, exhilarated, like marathon runners.
Hand in hand we look out,
We two,
At the land unfolding beneath us,
Like a pageless storybook,
And we share a kiss,
We two,
And proclaim our love for each other
From the top of the mountain
At the top of our lungs,
And it causes an avalanche
And we have to be rescued
By search dogs
We two

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