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Approach Shot

Approach Shot

Gape a little, turn your head to the side.
Don’t stare, you say
In your head.
Don’t even look.
Close your mouth, snapping it shut
Like an irritated man shutting his door.
But her hair fell just so
And your eyes frantically dart over.
Is she looking
At you?
No, her eyes are on her book,
You’re much less captivating
Than Mr. Darcy.
A subconscious hand patrols your face,
And locates a bump.
Maybe she won’t notice.
She hasn’t yet noticed.
And maybe she never
Breathe in and out,
Pretend to care about the birds
Alighting on the fenceposts.
Make up your mind,
Commit to action,
Clench your fists,
Steel your resolve,
Clench your teeth like a soldier
Preparing for battle.
Your head begins to pivot,
You instruct your mouth to move,
But it is motionless,
A coma patient
In the middle of your face
Right next to your ugly zit
And your ugly nose
And your ugly eyes
And your ugly ears
And why are you even trying any more?
You admit defeat, sigh in surrender,
But courage makes one last rallying cry
And reminds you how her hair fell just so
And propels your head to the side
And forces open your mouth
And you say
To the girl
Who was next to you
But is now gone,
Off down the beach,
Washed away like the rocks the waves are lapping up,
Never to be seen again.
Replies the old man
In the speedo
Cheerfully, almost mockingly
And you almost want to punch him
But you can’t win everything
And besides he might have granddaughters

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