Beauty and Me

August 22, 2010
I sit on a mountain top watching the sky go by.
Smelling the wood chips and feeling a zephyr pass me,
I feel melancholy and gentle.
My ambiance, or home away from home has left me,
And I have evaded my life at this top.
The snow covered peaks keep me company
As the birds sonorous chirps resonate within me.

I sit on this mountain finding myself.
I’m inconsistent and lack the true depth.
My way of life has been unknown for years.
The light of my existence has been cursed by mockery and shame.
Living on a mountain is only luck
Unless you know how to reach its top.

I am sitting on this mountain top looking at my home.
Planes and cars drive through my road to happiness.
My pastoral way of life has been disrupted by businesses and arrogant leaders.
I stare and wonder whether society can truly be what it was supposed to do.
Save the innocent.

I am sitting on this mountain top with one final message.

I live in beauty.
I see nature at its best.
Nature lives with me.

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