Magic Wish

August 12, 2010
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I wish I could change things with Aron,
just to be with him more and put him above everything else
because he is all that even matters.
I wish it could be different with everyone and how somethings have turned out.
I wish i had my dad here to just be here with me when i need him.
I wish I could get away from everything that is my life to see how messed up it truly is to everyone else in this world.
Then I just wish I never felt all the hurt at once and just to have it layed on in small portions over time.

But once I've been given all my wishes,
I'll wish to not have taken any of it.
I'll wish to throw away all the perfect and go back to my own little trashed fairy tale.
I'll wish to not have my own father because being without him is what has made me who I am today.
I'll wish to take every bit of pain that I need only because those moments without a single tear shed is what makes moments last.
I'll wish to have every fight, hug, day, loss, and gain back only because those out of my life never really needed a place in it and the ones in it only make those memories that stay be all the better,
But I'll never wish to change one thing with Aron,
Only because that wish has already came true without a genie, a well, or a fairy god mother.
That power came true with the hearts own wish it grants not to often.


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