When We Got the Goal

July 16, 2010
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Rolling green grass
Thick, lush
Defier of the summer heat
Be my carpet for a while

White lines
Rigid, straight
Come off on my hands
Draw me a field to play on

Proud goals
Tall, wide
Don't deceive me
When it's me and the ball

So many players
Relaxed, smiling
Shinguards and spiked shoes
Ready to play

A whistle sounds
Shrill, piercing
Movement all around
The green light has shown

It's started to rain
Lightly, silently
Cool down the air
Don't disturb the game

A flick of the feet
Swift, deceiving
Open space, open time
Ten yards are gained

A run down the sideline
Fast, unnoticeable
The ball, arcing over heads
At my feet at last

Dribble it down
Quickly, controlled
Before they close you down
Send it into the box

Sun breaks through the clouds
Shining, illuminating
Tiny droplets throwing rainbows
The ground is a gem field
A person running
Speedily, direct
Catch my cross with waiting feet
All hold their breath

Sunset background
Glorious, majestic
Lighting up the field
As the ball hits the back of the net

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