Things Unknown

June 21, 2010
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I once saw with my eyes of stone
A door entitled, 'Things Unknown'
Urged by Fate, I stopped, stood sentry
Only the Chosen would be allowed entry

First came a man with eyes afar
He asked me where the windows are
I gouged out his eyes and he called me unpleasant
I replied, 'Those that enter have their eyes in the present'

Next came a man with eyes of stone
He said, 'Open! For I am one of your own!'
But I turned away with a heart that was cold
For to enter, a man must make his own mold

Third came a man with eyes like ice
He told to stand aside and name my price
I rose in fury, my eyes turned to fire
And asked, 'Do I look like a man for hire?'

Last came a man with eyes downcast
Who waited while I searched, blustered, and asked
Finally I stood aside and let him pass
And saw his eyes- they were made of glass

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