You Are The Bird

July 9, 2010
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The memories of our past,
Are brightened
By a well written song,
That tells of every happiness.
You are the bird
That sang for me.
When the shadows of
Became to dark,
You held my hand,
And heartened every sorrow
With a truth.
You wiped away
My tears,
And sometimes cried with me.
When I needed a melody,
You are the bird
That sang for me.
When I was standing
Somewhere down below,
I asked for a ladder,
And life gave me
Your hand.
You pulled me up beside you,
And together we climbed
A mountain.
We found a way up to the stars,
And hand in hand
We flew all the way back down.
On that journey we needed music,
You are the bird
That sang for me.
So every moment of my life
That’s cold, dark, or happy
I can expect,
To look beside me,
And see you perched
In the branches of a tree,
Ready to sing another song.
Because you are the bird
That sings for me.

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