That Evil Green Monster I Call My Shadow

July 12, 2010
My ridiculously permanent shadow...

Doesn't make a sound, not a single noise,
And hides in shady areas of my Path,
Keeping hidden from me so I don't notice It's there.

Mocks me in everything I do,
And disguises Itself to look like me,
Though I know It is not who I truly am.

Stretches outward from within me where I stand,
Subtly calling my attention in a way that is too impossible to ignore.

Curses every surface It lands upon,
And then smiles in secret as It continuously stalks my every move.

Is always standing on whichever side of me is opposite to the Light,
but waits for it to get Dark out so It can overwhelm my surroundings.

Finds pleasure in knowing It is constantly attached to me as long as I am surrendered to Gravity,
and patiently waits for me at the Ground beneath while I am not.

How I dread Its Presence...

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