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I Will Never Fall In Love

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I will never fall in love.
Instead my body will paint itself in different shades of green,
Like the inch worm hiding within the sleeping willow,
That is barely ever seen.

When and if my heart skips a beat,
My mind will impulsively retreat and disperse into the air.
Like a bursting firework on the black canvas of night,
I am a temporary flare.

Should you sneak past my watchful guard,
My heart is locked in the highest room of the tallest tower,
Like the Hope hiding within Pandora’s Box,
While outside Evils try to infiltrate and devour.

I might let you see me from afar,
But the closer you step, the more you will gain confusion.
Like a mirage of cool water atop the scorching asphalt,
My trust is merely an illusion.

I will never fall in love.
Instead my body will hide itself behind every sword and every shield,
For like a clam broken into and robbed of its innocent pearl,
I never fully healed.

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MountainPoet said...
Nov. 11, 2010 at 2:42 pm

I LOVE this!!! And I can relate to it so well, which is such a rare thing to find....for me. Your writing is very captivating. :)

-Mountain Poet

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