Night Life

June 17, 2010
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Daring dreams dreamed in the night
Good dreams
Bad dreams
Dreams of all kinds
Flowing in a never ending stream of consciousness

Laughter laughed in the daring dreams
Loud and clear
Ringing throughout the air

Rowdy rambunctious people laughing
Laughing loud
Pointless jokes
Running all around
Bringing smiles to peoples faces

Crafty crowds of rowdy rambunctious people
Sneaking around
in the deep night time air
Little secrets
Carried on their shoulders

Sounds drowned out in the dark
No time to listen
Just time to do

Colors splashed all around
Vibrant and bright
Making the world feel exciting
And crazy

Scents sifting through the air
Bringing images into people’s mind
Memories of different scents

Along with windy words
Trying to reach the rowdy rambunctious people
But never quite making it there

Steps stepped loudly in the streets
Stomp, stomp
In the night
Rhythmic footsteps
In the night

Beats of banging music
Going boom in the night
Thumping along
In the dead of night

Everything exists together
In the night life

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