One Parent Rule

June 10, 2010
I asked you once-
a life time ago-
what love had ment to you.
If you had waltzed,
and bought her flowers,
or even sang the blues.

You turned to me with truthful eyes
and began to undust the past.
That "Even though I loved your mother-
her body wasn't ment to last.

So through the cementary,
and though the morgue,
I visit her often still.
Is it love that keeps me bound,
or is it just my will?"

I stared at you in disbelief,
and thought that you were lieing.
But truth be told-
I couldn't take it.
So I just kept on flying.

Though the clouds,
my mind at ease,
I felt like I was soaring.
But down below my life was waiting,
I could hear the lions roaring.

Shot out of the sky
by unanswered questions-
I fall back to the Earth.
I wonder if you loved me
before you died apon my birth.

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