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Daddy still loves me...I think

As i lay in bed thinking,
about whats going to come,
I lay my head down,
And i pray to god.

I wish he would fix every little thing,
Or at least just the one thing that's stuck in my head.

It's hard for me to talk about it,
This is one thing i wish...I never said.

I'm at my breaking point from this whole situation,
Alot of times i wish it was just in my imagination.
My eyes pop out wide whenever i hear his name,
I know if i see him again i will go insane.

The worst part of it all is my mom told my dad,
Now he's acting like a different man.
He won't pick up the phone to call me,
He won't talk to my brother,
I hope he doesn't hate me,
I just want to hear him say 5 simple words to me,
Which is...I still love you...Sweetie.

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