May 22, 2010
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I am unwanted and unloved
Everything I say
Is twistered and turned against me
Everything I like
Such as my hobbies, family, home
And close friends is kept a secret
It's now personal
So nobody can hurt me

Any slips
Or mistakes
I will live in fear
If anyone knew where I live
They would smash my windows
With a stone
If they knew my phone number
I would get prank calls
If they knew all my friends
They would try and take them away
If they knew what I did every day
They would copy me
For a laugh and to seek attention

If I told them about
My favourite game
They would buy it
And try and get more out of it
Then I ever can
Everything about me
Is a secret
No one knows
So I am just a mystery
I am left alone
Because no one wants to know

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