June 1, 2010
By , san jacinto, CA
I believed in you.
-You see to me, you were a fearless rebel.
You were invincible and unconquered.

I always thought you were unafraid,
And always knew what to do.
You had an answer to every question,
You solved every problem that was set in front of you.

In my eyes,
You were intelligent and powerful.
You were merciless towards those who did you wrong.
You showed an unrelenting love towards the ones you held close.

You were the one I looked up to and admired.
I used to say, “I wanna be just like her when I grow up.”

But then the cold world,
Revealed to me,
A side of you I never knew existed.

What happened to the fearsome warrior,
I respected and revered soo much?
What happened to the woman,
Who once held my hand, comforted me,
And told me everything was going to be ok?

What happened to the independent woman,
Who stood her ground, and everyday told me “I love you.”?

What happened to my wonderful mother?

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