May 20, 2010
The soft pitter patter of your feet on the floor,
brings back memories from way back before.
I watch from a distance as you scamper around,
I see part of me in you that is normally bound.
The swish of sand as you run to the ocean,
sounds like a symphony of loving devotion.

The splash of the waves and your squeal of delight,
the radiant sun shining down its holy light.
Ghosts of my past float by silently,
I see my first day as I stood on the beach quietly.

I'll never quite know what made my days here so special,
was it the flow of the wind, or the beat of the ocean?
Perhaps just being there,
with those I loved surrounding,
was enough to make make love fly, rebounding.

I smile in delight as you flop down exhausted,
your first day at the beach has left you frosted
from head to toe in a glimmering shawl,
of gleaming sea salt as you lay there, sprawled.
I notice the wonder shining bright in your eyes,
and wonder how I ever forgot the prize
of that beautiful beach under that gorgeous summer sky.

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