Never Hate, Only Love

May 13, 2010
not much people actually look at eachother anymore,
all that we see are blank faces
just sad and lonely people
but we dont dig deeper for those reasons

when was the last time you looked at a friend and tried too help him/her
when was the last time you saw your friend with a real smile upon their face

its those features that describe a real emotion in us

the reason we laugh and cry
we live and die

life is full of obsticules
but if you are willing too sacrifice the greed in your life
you begin too realize that those obsticules start too weigh less than an angels feather

you are all loved
and please dont say otherwise

idc wat anyone else would say
but i would belive something about someone if it came out of their own mouth

its true that i might be different
its true that i have done awful things
but i still love everyone and everything
i promise you no lie

i will help you
if i do or dont know you
its my will that takes me too higher places
its these thoughts that bring me my will
and my emotion that brings me the thoughts
and my experience that brings me my emotion friends that bring the experience

dont think that you are any lower than anyone else
ill help
she'll help
he will help

belive it
we are here for you
I am here for you
and never forget it
i love you all

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fefe1996 said...
Aug. 16, 2010 at 12:35 pm

wow, that is a really great poem :) u r so nice! willing to help people u dont even know :) 5 *s :)

God bless

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