Elevator Ride

April 29, 2010
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i dont know where i am
driving on the same highway
air conditioning on and im still hot
things happen and theyre not so spontaneous anymore
i dont get why you just wont call it a day
if i dont pick up ill call you back
unless you dont answer
i dont get why you cut the grass and
all it does is grow back
what did you accomplish if
you keep cutting down something that wants to grow?
and who knows
why a fireman doesnt heal a burn or
why a bird doesnt move the clouds from the sun
who knows why we change our lives constantly
and why we're not scared when we should be or
why we have no friends when
we're too nice and
what if you just knocked on my door
with a package addressed to me, shipped to you
and we felt each other right there
no words.
what if the elevator stops at midlevel and
you're in a wheelchair?
who knows why they keep calling when
i didnt answer
and the phone rings
trust your gut feeling if you're naked.

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