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March 6, 2010

Creeping, stalking
relentless optimism.

There is an aesthetic wind scheduled, ordained to fly away.

With it will it take this new current of joy that has parted clouds, appeased lions, melted doubt,
and shown me a fierce and bold purity of the mind and soul?

May I be not selfish.
This beauty may be destined to set across an ocean wide.
I can only be thankful to have seen it. Perhaps it will return-- to meet me again.
If it is as true as I suspect what can bind it? The only thing I fear is that I'm entirely wrong.
Wrong. Or that my own whims ruin every lovely possibility.

March 7, 2010

I hate wind! I am the notion
without the action. I am the suspicion
without the proof. I am the ambition without
the cause. I am the defeat without the

Paradox and passion.
Loveless, angry factions.
Eternal, eternal mediocrity.

There is no wind except the wind
of cognitive dissonance.
There is no aesthetic except the false beauty
of narcissistic obsession.

Bless and rue the day.
Fight, then embrace, decay.

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