A Letter

May 2, 2010
Dear God,
maybe you can help me.
maybe you can’t.
or maybe you just won’t.
don’t you never hear what i is saying?
the sky was clear today.
not one cloud hides any of it.
yet there is a pack full of clouds in my heart,
covering up emotions i used to have.
those clouds, they is all dead, bare, and sick-like,
and make my heart the same.
but storms rage there too, Lord,
and not just small rain showers either.
they is more hidden than the clouds,
i don’t notice them as much
but they still there.
ugly, painful, and persistent
they never leave me.
i try to fight them off but they keep on
waiting for me to break,
but there’s no need waiting
‘cause i’m already broke,
over and over till there’s nothing left to fix.
sometimes the storms stop
and i’m left dull clouds instead.
but then again, sometimes the clouds go away
and i see a ray of hope,
a small tiny little bit of light in my dark life
and i can smile when this happens’
‘cause it’s just too good to be true.
sometimes that’s the best kind of goodness,
the kind that just can’t be true
but you know, deep down, it is.

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