Finding Eternity

May 2, 2010
By dramakat GOLD, Newton, Massachusetts
dramakat GOLD, Newton, Massachusetts
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Carefully dazzling
Rays leave mirrors in the sand
That clings to bare feet

Reflecting our innermost
Doubts, and striping us of pride.

A soft mother of
Pearl fog, and coral sunset
Announces new night.

Soft iridescent warmth brings
Comfort to the blue world and

Entices you. Clouds
Roll by on gusts of wind from
The out of reach sky.

Sun infested breeze calm,
Night grants the sky color. Fill

Hands with the Heavens,
Close them in a jar so that
Forever won’t touch.

Sand swirls around your bare leg—
Dances—shouts toward to moon.

The moon shouts back, the
Jar of sky opens wide,
Forever can't touch.

Warm eternity waits for
You, a place set at its

Table where it lives
With clouds—Watchful Guardian
Time escapes with it,

Unknown Freedom. No way to
Mark the long beauteous days,

But laughs and smiles
and thoughts. No threat to youth lives
If only time can

Tell, you are living in trust
With your Everlasting L

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