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I hate the way my heart breaks,
And all the tears that roll down my face.
I hate how you say you like one girl,
And then you act like I’m her.
I hate how I wince in pain
When I think of you and what used to be.
I hate that I can’t fall out of love with you,
And how you seem to want other things;
I hate how the thought of you
Makes my mind stray from my train of thought.
I hate when I have to go to sleep,
‘Cause at night I dream of you, and only you.
I hate when we talk,
‘Cause I’ll start to think you feel one way,
When in truth you feel another.
And I hate that I can’t shake the thought of you
Maybe wanting to be with me again.
I hate the long wait for you,
Every loving thought of you,
Every hope, and wish, and dream,
Every day that I don’t have you;
I hate it so much, so much.
Hate, hate, hate.

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